CLient Testimonials


CLient Testimonials

“Awesome service every time!”

Ankita Prasad

“Used to wax my own eyebrows but Avon no longer sells the wax I like. Decided to just start getting them done professionally. I couldn't find a good wax place and decided to give threading a try. These ladies get it right every time. Times, location, and prices are great too.”

Rosario Riley

“Love love love this place! Went there yesterday for the first time! She made my eyebrows look amazing, walked out feeling like a kardashian! She did my eyebrows exactly how I like it. Most places like the Asian people, make my eyebrows look like a cheap prostitute, they make them so thin. Never, again, will I go back to any Asian person that does wax. Aone Eyebrow threading salon is amazing. It is located in the Sola salon. I was lost with Google directions, Google had the pin in the wrong spot. ”

Camila Acosta

“This is the best eyebrow threading place. Neeta and Kamana are very precise at their work. I have been doing my eyebrows with them for the last 3 years and i always leave with clean and perfectly shaped eyebrows. I have also been doing my facial here since last year. It is so relaxing, my face glows and feels so soft after the massage. I always have a great experience, would definitely recommend this place. ”

Salma Banu

“They did a great job and were professional”

Angela Franco

“Very professional great treatment skin feels so soft after threading will be back thank you ”

Tracey Viney

“I visit Neeta here at A-One eyebrow studio and she has threaded my eyebrows bi weekly for he last two years and I have trusted her to thread my eyebrows for weddings, and my graduation! Threading is cheap, starting at $10 for eyebrows. I will definitely have trouble finding someone with same service that quality that A-One provides when I move out of state!! ”

Sara S.

“I've been coming here for 2-3 years and it is hands down the best spot for threading. It is conveniently located in the shopping center adjacent from target, so it's easy to stop by whenever. They are open until 7 usually so I can stop by after work if I need to. The wait is never long, if any, because they staff additional people at peak times. Nitta has been a go to for me every 3-4 weeks and I highly recommend. ”

Labou H.

“I've been coming here every 2-3 weeks for the last 3 years and they always do an amazing job. I get so many compliments on my eyebrows and it's all thanks to the girls here! I recommend them to everyone who asks! ”

Reagan A.

“Neeta and Kamana are the best in OKC. I am really picky when it comes to my brows and looked for someone for a while because I moved from Dallas about two years ago and had a great lady in Dallas. However, after moving, I stumbled upon A-One Eyebrow Threading and I will not go to another threading place because I have always been so happy with their threading work and price! They are great! ”

Savanna R.

“I've been going to this place for a little over a year to get my eyebrows threaded! I prefer this place so much more over the threading place at the mall because at A-One they actually take the time to make sure your brows are perfect and just the way you want them! I need someone who is patient and will not over-thread my eyebrows, especially since I'm a guy with naturally thick eyebrows. Neeta is the one who usually does my brows at A-One, and she is amazing! ”

Kenny L.

“I finally found a salon that does eyebrows in the style that I like. My face looks best with a heavier brow and other places here in Oklahoma City tend to over do them.
When I walked in I explained how I prefer my eyebrows to be shaped and Kamana executed according to what I described. I highly recommend this salon. ”

Jovanna F.

“I've been to a few threading places around Oklahoma City but A One is by far my favorite. It's set in a quiet, relaxing environment which makes it more comfortable than the kiosks at the mall. The work they do with threading is consistent and completely satisfactory. They recently expanded and have made it even more comfortable with a separate facial and waxing room. I even got offered refreshments the last time I was there! ”

Widha G.

“Started going to A-one few months ago for eyebrows and I love it!! Neeta does mine and she does an awesome job. Price is great as well. Highly recommend them!! ”

Shikshya S.

“This salon has an incredible expert staff. Neeta especially does a great job, as I regularly have her do my brows. They take their time and always ensure I leave satisfied with my eyebrows and threading. They also have facials and body waxing. They're really friendly, and very good at making my eyebrows look on point! I get the best shape I've ever gotten here. I've been to multiple other places in Edmond and OKC, none of which are comparable. I've never liked my eyebrow shape, but when I get it done here, I get countless compliments. You should really check it out, they can fix even the worst of brows!! ”

Noor T.